Clinician Spotlight: Get to Know Abby Myers, TLMFT

Southeast Psych Nashville prides itself on hiring the best clinicians anywhere. Our team is second to none. One of our favorites is Abby Myers who joined us this year. We got the chance to ask Abby a little bit about herself. She’s fun, smart, and great at her job. Here’s a little of what she had to say:

Q: Abby, why did you decide to be a therapist?

Abby: I have always loved working with teens and young adults. I decided to be a therapist to help champion these groups that are typically told that they “can’t do anything.” In the process, I have found joy in championing other age groups, as well. Becoming a therapist, for me, meant becoming part of their team!

Q: I love that! What are your areas of specialty?

Abby: I specialize in ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, life transitions, and self-harm.

Q: Your expertise clearly spans a significant range of areas. What types of clients do you see in your work?

Abby: I primarily see teenagers and young adults between the ages of 10-30,
though I see adults over 30 as well from time to time. I see all genders. I
work with both long-term and short-term clients.

Q: Your work seems to reflect a deep understanding of the developmental stages from adolescence to early adulthood—and the needs and challenges that arise at each stage. You are good at what you do and you’re also known for your fun personality. Our team certainly loves you because you have such a good sense of humor and playfulness. Tell us some fun things about you.

Abby: I collect Nike shoes, I know every word to “Ice Ice Baby”, and I would love to get a pilot’s license!

Now the world knows you have memorized all the words to a Vanilla Ice song! If you get your pilot’s license, don’t fly too far away from us. We love having you here.

Abby brings a vibrant energy and a depth of knowledge to her practice that is truly unique. Her commitment to her clients shines through in her versatile approach and her dedication to being a part of their team. If you feel that Abby could be the right fit for you or your child or teen, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can schedule a time with Abby Myers by calling Southeast Psych Nashville at 615-373-9955. Join Abby in taking those first steps toward understanding, growth, and well-being. Abby is here to support you on your journey.

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