Abby Myers, LMFT (Temp)

Abby Myers, LMFT (Temp)

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In today’s complex world, children encounter unique challenges that demand guidance and support. Meet Abby Myers, TLMFT, a remarkably skilled therapist with a passion for nurturing her young clients through life’s trials and obstacles. Abby specializes in working with children, offering her expertise in areas such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-esteem, and navigating life transitions.

Abby’s approach is grounded in evidence-based methods, tailored to each child’s unique strengths and needs. She firmly believes that every child is the author of their own story and places a strong emphasis on collaboration. With Abby, young clients find a safe and relaxed space to explore their feelings and thoughts. Her sessions are characterized by warmth, humor, and enjoyable interactions that help children feel cared for and connected.

Beyond her profession, Abby adores music, movies, and sports, particularly cheering for the Memphis Grizzlies. She enjoys culinary adventures, quality time with friends, and discovering new restaurants. Abby’s unwavering dedication to her young clients, combined with her engaging and empathetic approach, makes her a trusted companion in their journey towards growth and resilience.


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Favorite TV Shows

• Friends
• Schitt’s Creek
• Gilmore Girls
• Abbptt Elementary
• Only Murders in the Building

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