Dave Verhaagen, PhD, ABPP

Dave Verhaagen, PhD, ABPP

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Did you know nearly half (48%) of young adults report struggling with their mental health in recent years, according to a recent study? One in seven young adult men (ages 16-24) reported severe anxiety and depression. On top of that, young men have higher rates of substance abuse and behavioral difficulties than other groups. They also are increasingly more vulnerable to “failure to launch,” often feeling stuck early in life. Sometimes these guys need a wise and skillful guide to help them get unstuck, move forward, and thrive in their lives.

Meet Dr. Dave Verhaagen, a renowned psychologist specializing in helping young men aged 16-29 navigate and overcome significant challenges. These include emotional, behavioral, academic, or substance-related issues. In addition to aiding those who have faced struggles in school or work, Dave works with young men striving to establish a stronger sense of identity, purpose, confidence, and direction in their lives.

Dave’s clientele also includes top performers such as professional and collegiate athletes, entertainers, and artists. He understands their unique challenges and stressors, having worked with hundreds of artists and athletes in his career. He currently serves as the director of Southeast Psych Nashville’s Artists & Athletes program.

Dave’s extensive professional background includes earning a PhD in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, serving as the Clinical Director of three mental health agencies, and achieving national board certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He co-founded Southeast Psych and has nearly 30 years of experience in private practice. Besides his hands-on practice, Dave has contributed to the field as an author or co-author of nine books. He also had seven years of on-air broadcasting experience, is an award-winning podcaster, and has served as the executive producer of two feature-length documentaries. He is spoken more than 600 times to groups across the country and around the world.

When he’s not helping his clients, Dave enjoys a variety of TV shows, music, and movies. Some of his favorite TV shows include Barry, Ted Lasso, The Last of Us, Poker Face, and Beef. He is a fan of various musicians such as Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Josh Ritter, and Mumford and Sons. His movie preferences range from epic adventures like Lord of the Rings and Raiders of the Lost Ark to thought-provoking films like Memento, The Dark Knight, There Will Be Blood, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

If you’re a young adult guy who is looking for a great guide to help you overcome obstacles, build on your strengths, and thrive in your life, Dr. Dave Verhaagen is an excellent choice.


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