Ellen Wolfson, LCSW

Ellen Wolfson, LCSW

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We often think that childhood is a carefree time, but for some kids, they can have great struggles with managing their behavior and emotions or thriving at home or school. At times, these kids may need a skillful and wise professional to guide them and their parents. Ellen Wolfson is an esteemed Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has dedicated her professional life to assisting children and their parents in overcoming various social, emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. With a career spanning thirty years, Ellen’s experience in both private practice and school-based consulting in New York positions her as a knowledgeable and effective guide for families in their quest to reach their fullest developmental potential.

Ellen offers parent training for parents of children as young as two years old. She also works with children aged 3 to 18, employing evidence-based strategies such as child-directed play therapy, DIR Floortime, mindfulness training, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her rich educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University, supplemented by post-graduate studies in the PhD Program in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health at ICDL.

Over the course of her career, Ellen has obtained advanced certification in DIR Floortime and a certification in Teaching Mindfulness to Children. Her contributions to the field extend beyond her practice, as she has delivered numerous presentations to both local and national audiences on various child development topics. Ellen is also the author of a children’s book that focuses on anger management and self-regulation.

Central to Ellen’s approach is her strong belief in the power of relationships in facilitating healing and emotional growth. She strives to foster and maintain strong, supportive relationships with every client.

When she’s not working, Ellen enjoys listening to country music and Broadway show tunes. She also likes to stay active, with hiking and biking among her favorite activities. In addition, she enjoys cooking, which allows her to experiment with new recipes and flavors.

If you have a young child who is having some significant challenges, Ellen might be the perfect guide and helper for them.


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