James Goodlad, PhD

James Goodlad, PhD

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Imagine trying to navigate the complexities of growing up in our current society, especially when challenges like learning differences, ADHD, and disruptive behavior disorders are part of the mix. On this journey, your child may need an expert guide, someone equipped with the knowledge and tools to make sense of it all. Meet Dr. James Goodlad, PhD, your specialist in child and adolescent assessment and therapy, and your guide on this journey.

James specializes in testing for children aged 3 to 18, helping to illuminate cognitive and intellectual abilities, academic achievement, and learning differences. He is also trained to provide comprehensive evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using “gold standard” measures. Yet, James’s role as your guide doesn’t end there. He also enjoys helping children build skills in behavior management, social skills, and social problem-solving, fostering their self-efficacy and equipping them with the tools they need to navigate their world confidently.

James’s educational journey has taken him from Belmont University, where he obtained a B.S. in Psychology and History, to The University of Southern Mississippi for his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He completed a predoctoral internship at the University of Alabama-Birmingham’s UAB-BVAMC program and finished a postdoctoral fellowship at UAB’s Civitan-Sparks Clinics.

Away from his professional life, James is a music enthusiast, enjoying artists like American Football and Explosions in the Sky. He enjoys TV shows like The Wire and Mad Men, and movies such as Requiem for a Dream and The Big Lebowski. He’s also a gamer, with favorites including Super Smash Bros. and Fallout 3.

With Dr. Goodlad as your guide, you can help your child or teen confidently navigate the challenges of growing up. Your child is the hero of their own story, and he’s here to help them understand themselves well and conquer obstacles in practical ways.


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Favorite Music

• American Football
• Brand New
• Minus the Bear
• Explosions in the Sky
• Owen

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