Richard Tedeschi, PhD

Richard Tedeschi, PhD

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Dr. Rich Tedeschi is one of the most respected and influential psychologists in the world. As the co-founder of the concept of “Post-Traumatic Growth,” his impact on the world of psychology and beyond has been profound. Multiple books and textbooks have been written on the topic. There are entire international conferences on the topic, as well.

While Dr. Tedeschi previously served clients through Southeast Psych Nashville, he no longer sees clients here. However, we are pleased to maintain an affiliation with him as a continuing education trainer and consultant. He maintains a teletherapy-based practice in Charlotte, NC, but he has credentials to practice in 34 states. His practice specialties include trauma, grief, and relationship concerns. He can be reached at 704-931-8997.


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Things I Like

• Hiking and otherwise being outdoors at our house in the country
• Watching football with my kids
• Playing my saxophone
• Talking with my old friends.

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